There is nothing more frustrating than returning home from that doctor’s appointment and remembering the 10 questions you forgot to ask him. This is a particularly likely scenario when you are dealing with the appointment in which you have just been told that your child has ADHD. There are so many thoughts rushing through your head that you hardly know where to begin. The New York Times produced a nice list of questions to ask your doctor about ADHD in March 2008.

But if you don’t feel like printing out a three page article and dragging it to your doctor’s office we’ve come up with our own shorter version of 10 questions for you to print out and take with you to that all important second visit the doctor (the one where you actually come prepared):

1.   What causes ADHD?
2.   How is it diagnosed?
3.  What exactly is the difference between a high-energy kid and a child with ADHD?
4.   Does my child need to be treated with medication? How exactly does the medication work? What are side effects of the medication? Will he need this medication long term?
5.   Are there alternative methods of treatment?
6.   How can I explain to my son that he has ADHD?
7.   Does ADHD run in families? Should I have my other children evaluated? What about myself and my spouse?
8.   Will my child outgrow his or her ADHD?
9.   Is ADHD different in girls from boys?
10. What accommodations does his school need to make for him?

Mom’s Take:

When my child was first diagnosed with ADHD the conversation I found most enlightening was the one I had with my doctor about how to discuss the issue of ADHD with my son. I had no idea how to present the issue of ADHD to my son. I was worried about making him feel different from his friends. My doctor was a fantastic resource. He knew my son well enough to understand what my son would “get” and he told me the best way to present it to him when the time was right. Every kid is unique, but if you are concerned about how to present the issue of ADHD to your child your doctor might have some very helpful advice.


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