Living with ADHD can be a challenge at times. Misplacing things, forgetting appointments, losing track of time…  But fortunately there are tools out there to make life a bit easier for ADHD sufferers.  And one of them is as simple as a kitchen timer.

  1. Kitchen timer: a timer is  an important tool to have if you are about to embark on a project.  The Invisible Clock is a more sophisticated version of the timer.  This can be worn on your belt and vibrate. It can be set to go off at various intervals (if you want it to go off at a few different points during a meeting for example).
  2.  Daily Planner:  A daily planner is essential to record what you intend to carry out on a given day.  It allows you to jot down phone numbers, appointments, meetings and any other important pieces of information you might need to remember.
  3.  ADD Planner: If you are still having a hard time getting things done you might need some planning software. The software will generate reminders for you for those all-important meetings, and it will break down overwhelming tasks like “paying taxes”  into more feasible ones like  “find documents, collect receipts, fill out forms.. .”
  4.  Keyless locks: If you tend  lose your keys often, install locks that substitute numerical codes for keys.  The cost is around $300.
  5. Keyfinder: Not just for keys! You can attach the electronic fob to anything you tend to lose – the TV remote, your glasses, the telephone – and wallah! An Everything Finder.
  6.  Intelligent watch: A water resistant watch that set alarms for 15-30 minute intervals with vibrating alarms.  Some of these models are programmable and can store hundreds of phone numbers and appointments. Check out