We all know there is absolutely no limit to the amount of love we want to give our kids. No limit to how badly we want them to succeed and grow. Explore the ADHD Kids section to take advantage of the plethora of useful information and insights provided by our team of Moms & Dads. Enjoy the following, continually growing list of articles about helping ADHD Kids to succeed:


ADHD Teens

“Mom, you just don’t understand me at all!!!” “Dad, pleeeease, that’s SO embarrassing!” As Moms & Dads we know that the teenage years present unique challenges. Our kids are now growing up, maturing, and that’s not easy for them and us. ADHD Notebook’s ADHD Teens section is all about our helping each other better understand how we can succeed with our ADHD teens. Our articles & resources aim to help you identify the issues & be pro-active. Your ADHD Teens will succeed & you need to be a big part of that!




Called adult ADHD, symptoms actually start in early childhood but may not be diagnosed until adulthood. From disorganization to impulsiveness, living with adult ADHD can be challenging. But you are not alone. At ADHD Notebook we've created a list of helpful articles and resources to guide you in your ADHD journey.