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Succeed With ADHD!

It is possible. Millions of children and adults live with ADHD.  ADHD Notebook is the place to learn from others and to take note – on how to succeed with ADHD. 

ADHD is usually recognized as a children’s condition. Many “ADHD experts” still advise that ADHD is something that kids will outgrow, and many do not focus any attention (no pun intended) on the reality of adults who legitimately have the disorder. 

However, ADHD is a disorder that affects people across their lifespans.  In the last generation ADHD was finally recognized, but started with children.  Those children grew up knowing about their ADHD and how to cope with it.  Consequently there are still many young adults, middle aged adults and seniors who, at their particular stage in life, are coping with the disorder without even “officially” having been diagnosed.

That’s where ADHD Notebook comes in.  Some sites offer expert advice.  Other sites offer the wisdom of shared experiences from other regular people just like us.  ADHD Notebook offers both.  Our articles are written by both ADHD experts, and people living with ADHD – whether themselves, their spouses or their kids.  Get the scientific facts about ADHD – that is step one. But above all, know that others have learned to cope – and thrive with ADHD and give yourself the motivation to keep growing and achieving goals. 

Certainly, you don’t need to become the next Einstein.  Just reach your own potential. 

Succeed with ADHD!

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