Welcome to our shop of ADHD products. ADHD Notebook has carefully and thoughtfully searched for ADHD products and ADHD solutions that will be truly purposeful in your journey to achieving success.

Many ADHD sites carry an impressive selection of ADHD books.  However, we present a full line of quality products in many product categories, such as ADHD organizational tools, supplements for ADHD, sleep aids for children and adults,  fidget toys and sensory tools,  ADHD software, ADHD games in addition to the most highly regarded books on the topic of living with ADHD.

The Livescribe Pen - Great ADHD Organizational Tool

All of the products presented on this site have been selected due to their unique added value as an ADHD product.  There may be many organizational tools out there, but we present only those with an “ADHD angle”.  For example, check out the Smartpen!  While this item is a great organizational tool for anybody, for students and adults with ADHD, this item will surely provide a great benefit in handling day to day activities .